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We now live in a world where we have more freedom and material belongings than ever before.  Yet we also have higher levels of Anxiety, Unhappiness, Stress and Depression.


Ian at Achieve has many years of dealing with clients and holds regular sessions at his Southport clinic.


He uses therapeutic interventions to help deal with the effects of stress and its related symptoms, fears and phobias, self image and confidence issues, and weight management and eating disorders.


Ian holds a GHR Senior Qualification in Hypontherapy practice, and is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP and was personally trained by Dr Richard Bandler


Home visits in Southport and the surrounding area can also be arranged.


Hypnotherapy and NLP makes for effective treatment that generally produces results, fast.  Sessions cost from £90 and YOU are in control.  Please contact Ian now for a free informal chat.  There is absolutely no pressure, and confidentiality is assured.


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