'There is no business until someone sells something' someone once said. And the same is true today.


It does not matter how good your website is, how extensive your range, how good your quality, until someone sells it you only have stock.


Yet there are so many 'sales prevention officers' in companies that it is a wonder how they survive.  Phones left ringing, emails unanswered, questions ignored.  Yet not everybody likes to think of themself as being in Sales.  Indeed, even true salespeople have sales avoiding titles such as Account Manager, Business Development Executive, or Relationship Director.  So why do we shy away from Sales?  Perhaps it is the image of the used car spiv Boycie, or an image that to be in sales you have to be thick skinned.  Maybe there is something in this.  Nobody likes rejection, so in sales, people face the prospect of being rejected.  There are many other reasons.


Achieve Sales Training can demystify the process.  Rather than selling, it is making it easy for the customer to buy.  After all we are all customers, and we know how we like to be treated when shopping for something.  Not only do we want good service, we want it to be an enjoyable experience.


And so with our help you can have every single person in the organisation part of the customer’s buying experience.  Now how good would that be for your sales figures, reputation, profit and staff morale.  Achieve can deliver Sales Training in bite size chunks at a convenient location and at a convenient time to minimize disruption, and without breaking the bank.  Topics cover; demystifying sales, customer service, marketing, new business generation, relationship marketing, account management, and bespoke material.


So what are you waiting for?  Simply get in touch and we’ll get back to you very soon to see how we can help your business.  No tricks, no obligation.  Now isn’t that easy.