How to save a fortune.


With a packet of cigarettes costing about £9.50 and if you smoke just 10 a day, then over the period of a week that is £66.50, and a staggering £3458 a year.  Think, what else could you buy with that? Twenty cigs a day costs nearly SEVEN  grand a year!


And that is only the financial cost.  What about the cost to your health?

Smoking significantly increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, hypertension, stress, mouth cancer and of course lung cancer.  Not to mention death.


So how do you stop?  Research* shows that will power alone counts for less than 10% of all succesful quitters.  Hypnosis averages over 60% success rates.  The 'Achieve - Quit Now' programme has a success rate of over 90% after just one session**.


The Achieve-Quit Now is available in one session lasting about 90 minutes and home visits in the Merseyside and West Lancashire areas can be arranged.  It costs just £350 that's about the same as 4 weeks worth of a 10-a-day habit.


Contact Ian now for further details or to pay safely and securely through PayPal.


*Source: New Scientist, volume 136 issue 1845
** From client feedback after 6 weeks or more after the Quit Now programme.