Seal the deal

Sales Performance Workshop.


If you run a small or medium business, or are a key part of a sales team this event is for you.


Focussing on the finer points of selling, those that determine the success of dealing with customers of all types, this event will help you to be more confident and competent at dealing with new and different situations.

Small friendly group of maximum 6 people, together for a half day workshop we focus on your business situation and share experience from each other.  This makes it relevant and pertinent to what you do and the results you need to achieve. 

No risk guarantee.

If for any reason you are unhappy and think you have not gained value out of this event we will refund your money, no questions asked.


Achieve have been running events like this for several years and we always aim to provide great training and excellent value.

 Time is money...make the most of yours.

The events are run every month during 2017 so secure a place for your team now. Oh, and the cost...just £95 per person.


Any questions please get in touch here.