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Peak Performance Management in Sport

All the good sportspeople have a coach; someone who trains them in their particular discipline.  The best sports people also have a mind coach; someone who prepares them mentally for the competition.  Ask any boxer and they will tell you the bout is won or lost prior to entering the ring.  It is the state of mind - the mental readiness- that determines the best performance.

Ian at Achieve has worked with some rising stars in many sports and has helped them to perform beyond their previous personal best.  By using NLP and other proven approaches you too can become better at what you do.  Physical strength, skill and and ability are the essential building blocks.  Mental readiness is the mortar that holds them all together. 

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Peak Performance 

Management in Business

Whether you are the leader or not, you need to know that what you do makes a value contribution and that your contribution is well rewarded.  It's tough at the top and it can be pretty tough at all over levels as well.


As the Google CEO states a coach in business is vital whatever the size of the organisation if you personally want to succeed.  

Ian has a degree in Management Development and has studied many top performing managers.  He knows about the desire, motivation, drive, enthusiasm, leadership, communication, persuasion and all the other attributes that top performers have.  Furthermore he can coach you to become the best you can be using his skills, experience and knowledge he has gained from both the corporate and SME world.  Packages are available to suit various budgets, and achieving results is our goal. Take that important first step now and get in touch