Achieve Hypnosis and NLP


Hypnosis is a natural phenomena wherby the activity of the brain slows down.  A trance state is that phase between being asleep and being awake, where you are aware of the what is going on around you, but your thoughts are elsewhere.


In clinical hypnosis this trance state is used to 'reprogramme' the brain.  This can be used effectively to stop non-helpful behaviour such as smoking, eating abnormally, or being phobic about something.


Clinical hypnosis is safe, drug-free and leaves you feeeling calm and relaxed.


Sessions usually last 1 hour take place in our consulting rooms in Rodney Street, Liverpool; Harley Street, London or home visits can be arranged in Merseyside and Lancashire. Prices from £175 per session.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

NLP has been described as many things, probably the most helpful is ' A user's guide for the brain'.


However, the important thing is what you can do with it.  Imagine having all the resources you could possibly have to deal with a situation.  Well the chances are you already have them but, just like a badly organised shed, you may not be able to find them or even know they are in there somewhere.  This is where NLP can help.


There are many articles on the internet if you want to gain a basic overview of NLP but just like riding a bike, it's no good just reading about it.  At some point soon you will want, and need, to have a go.


We run certified courses to Practitioner Level and Master Practitioner Level on Merseyside.


Please visit the NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner page for details

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