NLP Licensed Practitioner Training

Posted on 4th January, 2015
I'm really happy to announce that we are starting January 2015 with some 
very positive news, we now have new dates released for our NLP Licensed
Practitioner Course! At Achieve we are always positive but we are also
realists. We appreciate that many people are working hard over long
hours and still finding things tough. Often our own personal
development goes right to the bottom of our list of things to do.
So, we have had a think about how we can help you to achieve your
goals in 2015 and decided to help in three ways.
Firstly, we are condensing the course into four two day sessions,
this cuts down on the commitment on your time.
Secondly, we are reducing the cost of the course (only £997)
and thirdly, we are offering payment in stages for those who cannot
pay in a lump sum. We are determined for you to achieve your goals in 2015, all we need
is your commitment to do the same. Make 2015 the year of change,
8 days to improve your life, we know NLP works - give it a go. Dates for the NLP Practitioner Course are: 11th & 12th February 25th & 26th February 11th & 12th March 25th & 26th March Looking forward to seeing you in February. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2015! Ian

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