Be wise, and not waste energy.

Posted on 29th May, 2013

Why waste energy?


This is not about being green, in fact far from it.  


Being green has come to mean environmentally friendly.  Back in the good old bad old days it was a term to refer to someone who was deemed to be naïve.   


So what is naïve about wasting energy?


Here of course I refer to your energy; personal energy.  How much of this do we waste on pursuing ineffective activities? 


The answer is probably, sadly, far too much and more than we realise.


Just think about a quarrel, disagreement, row or argument that you had recently.  As you do, go back and listen to the words that were being said, the tone of voice, the volume with which you spoke.  Remember what you felt like?  Sweaty palms.  Knotted stomach. Was your temperature up?  Blood beginning to boil?  


Now imaging taking a look at yourself whilst in that argument.  What did you look like?  Red in the face or just slightly flushed? Eyes narrowed. Veins on the neck bulging.


It took a lot of energy to have that row.  It also took a lot more energy to keep thinking about for some time after.  Of course whilst you were focusing on that, something else was being neglected.


It doesn't stop there.  Because at some point later you may have had to spend yet more energy and time in making an apology or at least moving on.


So to save a lot of energy, why not invest a little and ask yourself right at the start 'what do I want to achieve here?'  I bet the desired outcome is something different.  


So rather than being naïve, be wise.  It's easy to be wise after the event.  So step forward in time and think about what would have happened different if you had thought about the desired outcome and acted in way that achieved that outcome.  


That's a wise way to use energy.  Enjoy!

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