What happens in Vegas...stays on Facebook!

Posted on 19th March, 2013

Last Friday I attended a very interesting seminar organised by the Higher Education Academy and hosted at Liverpool John Moores University (thanks to both for an excellent day).  The theme was employability for graduates and the use of social media.


So what came from this day?  Well a couple of key points.


Firstly, from a key employer who only accepts applications from graduates with a 1st class honours degree or a 2:1  at a push.   Out of these applicants up to 40% are rejected because there are spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes on the application form.  The rationale being if they are sloppy on their application for work, their work is likely to be sloppy.  The question was asked about learning issues such as dyslexia; and the reply was along the lines of "a customer would not know if a letter that came out of their firm was from someone with dyslexia. The customer would only see poor spelling.  That reflects badly on the firm, and would possibly cost them business."  Anyone with a learning issue therfore has to work harder to make sure they use whatever resources are available to alleviate the signs of their issue.


The second and more common downfall of job applicants is that when a prospective employer does a search on social media sites such a Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In, what do they find?  A highly polished CV and academic record can be ruined by pictures taken on a Saturday night doing something that you would not show your grandmother.


The golden rule is, start now to clean up and manage what goes on your social media sites.  It may be a laugh for you, but you wouldn't want that dream job laughing at you as you are passed over.


So as some have discovered recently, what goes on in Vegas, stays on Facebook.  Once on Facebook you have lost control of it!





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