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Posted on 31st January, 2013

Many a person, many of whom are much wiser than I, have advocated the benefits of blogging and until this very moment I have resisted the urge to dip the metaphorical nib in the virtual ink.  'Why?' I hear you ask, well if the truth be known maybe it was for fear of becoming addicted to writing, reflecting and projecting my thoughts onto unsuspecting readers.  Of course it is harmless fun but at the same time may just provoke some thoughts that bring about a change in one person that has a positive impact on their or someone else's life.  After all that is what we do here, help to develop individuals and organisations into High Performance People


So if you are still with me, I promise there will no sales pitches, gimmicks, promotions or offers in here, just some thoughts, experiences and offerings that I hope you will find amusing and helpful every week.  And of course if you wish to exercise your right of reply please do so.  I will read your reply with as much vigour and enthusiasm as you have shown in reading this.  Thank you.

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